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The days of static and driving “out of range” are gone, with THE AWESOME POSSUM at the forefront of serious, “Streaming-Only” stations! We’re your Nationwide, full-on App-Based Streaming station - broadcasting crystal-clear, digital music and entertainment 24-hours a day.

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Home of the legendary Bill & Jim in the Morning radio show and The Iron Turntable with Kevin Ijames!

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Saturday, December 9th at 8:00PM Central (One Show Only)
    Eagles FOE 3781, 1000 Acid Mine Road, Sullivan, MO

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The Beginning

How it Began.

Missouri Possum Radio is a 24-hour, App and Web-based Streaming, wide-variety, rock-and-beyond station that is home to the legendary Bill & Jim in the Morning radio show as well as The Iron Turntable with Kevin Ijames. Gaining over 50,000 fans in our first year, The Awesome Possum has continued to grow at a rapid pace, now closing in on 100,000 Possum fans just like you!

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Thank you for making The Awesome Possum into such a HUGE success!

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